Precautions before photo sessions.

Lots of people feel fearful or awkward in front of the camera. 

This is not a reason to give up the idea of doing a professional photo session, and for a very good reason.

When you have beautiful photos they become the memories that last forevermore. 

Therefore, what may at first seem like something that may be a little overboard by hiring a good photographer will turn

into a photoshoot that only takes an hour’s time that will become the most exquisite memories you have. 

During a session you will come to realise that a photoshoot is actually fun, when you hire the right person who knows how to bring out your best.

It is usually during the first 15 minutes when most women feel a little uptight. But as that passes what transpires is the inner being actually 

becoming excited during the process. 

Also, in just an hour’s time you will have about 300 photos’ that are all very good, so choosing your favourite 50 will be fun. ?Those will then be the one’s that are

selected for editing.

Finally; details and props are all very important! 

For example: your favourite jewellery is fun and catches the eye many years later, along with scarfs, or purses, favourite animal, basket, etc.

All of this allows the client to be surround in a very unique and personal atmosphere that creates an ambiance of character that has great depth. 

Lastly; the photographer’s experience!

This is extremely important. View his or her photos so you see their vision, talent, and artistic view. This allows you to both see and feel what will transpire

And become the perfect angle, to the correct pose and smile, which can only come when you know that what is taking place is going to become the best thing 

you have ever experience and will last a lifetime.