Hello, I’m Katerina, boudoir, fashion and wedding photographer. As an owner of Mcteerproductions, I believe that each customer is beautiful inside or outside and my work proves it.

I will be leading you into new experiences that are like very clear dreams –that come true.   What you think of as being magical in life, is where my eye begins to look deeper. I will bring  about a reflection of beauty, to new experiences that will continue to  bring joy and ongoing memories of time. For as long as I can remember I have been taking pictures of boudoir, fashion, weddings, because I’ve been given a gift. Which is to see things in a place most never think of. 

When you view my sight, what you will take in is a magnificent brilliance that will enhance  the beauty in which my eye reveals colors to moments of time that take on new life.  A deeper place that can only be portrayed as a journey in which you can visit from  a timeless place.  The lens of my heart is the way I view life. Which I will become things that continue to portray love in a way that takes one’s breath away.  I have also incorporated family portraits in such a way that they bring into view life images of harmony, love, with a grace that will bring you into a peaceful place. One that will continue to bring enhancement to your life.

 My one on one portraits will enhance you and your life to a new level you have not seen. And, even work-related photos will take on a new flavor that attracts potential clients to relevant relationships. Therefore, my work is never done when the lens stops, but begins each time you view the journey, to the moment of time that will always be relevant, that is my gift to you. 







Today's moments are tomorrow's memories...